What’s the Law: Transporting & Keeping Ammunition



TOPIC: Transporting & Keeping Ammunition

Question: In August 2010, you discussed the transport of firearms. How about ammunition… different rules?

Answer: Ammunition is subject to Sec. 134-5 (a) and 27 HRS: Like firearms, you are restricted to keeping ammunition at your home and place of business. It can be transported but must be in a ridge-enclosed or commercial container.

You can legally transport ammunition between: (1) your home, (2) place of business, (3) place of repair, (4) target range, (5) licensed firearms dealer, (6) gun show or exhibition or training, (7) hunting area, (8) firearms/hunting training, or (9) police station. Under the strict reading of Sections 134-27 HRS, you cannot stop to pick up your shooting buddy or evenfor coffee; however, you could stop at a licensed gun shop on the way to the range. Interestingly, if you want to sell or give someone ammunition, it can take place at a gun show or club meeting but not at your home. Having loose rounds in your pocket (rolling around the interior of the vehicle or even loose in your trunk) is a crime.

Note this does not apply to fired cases or dummy rounds; so fired 30-06 cases loose on the seat, in your range bag, or even in your pocket, is legal. A single loaded round in the same places could get you charged with a full misdemeanor even if you are only going to and from the range from home.

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