What’s the Law: Shipping firearms to the Neighbor Islands



TOPIC: Shipping firearms to the Neighbor Islands

Question: Last month’s topic focused on a non-FFL holder shipping firearms to the Mainland. How about shipping guns to the Neighbor Islands?

Answer: Here’s an outline of what you can and cannot do under federal law:

1. As a non-FFL holder, you can ship a long gun intrastate to a non-FFL holder via any carrier; i.e., non-FFL to non-FFL for long guns.

2. As a non-FFL holder, you can also ship a handgun intrastate to a non-FFL holder. However, USPS will not allow a non-FFL holder to ship any handgun.

So both long guns and handguns can be shipped intrastate from a non-FFL holder to a non-FFL holder. However, a non-FFL holder cannot ship handguns via USPS and will need to use UPS or FedEx.

Please note that you must also comply with Chapter 134 HRS. The person you ship the long gun to must provide you with a copy of his/her permit to acquire and you must notify the appropriate county police of the transfer within 48 hours. Your buyer must register the firearm in that county within 5 days. For handguns, the person you are shipping the handgun to must also provide you with the original handgun permit. You will need to sign it and return it to the buyer when you ship the handgun, and your buyer must register the handgun with his/her country police department within 5 days. Shipping a handgun intrastate involves considerable coordination.

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