What’s the Law: Registered firearms can’t be unregistered



TOPIC: Registered firearms can’t be unregistered

Question: If I sell a registered firearm via an Internet auction and send it to a Mainland buyer/FFL, does the firearm still remains registered to me at HPD?

Answer: Yes. Unless your registered firearm was transferred to someone else who re-registered it at HPD, your registration remains on the HPD records. HPD does not have a system to de-register firearms if you move to the Mainland or send firearms to the Mainland. Imagine the thousands of service personnel who registered their personal firearms at HPD while on their duty time in Hawaii. Once they complete their Hawaii assignments and move to other duty stations, the gun registration stays. There must be a multitude of firearms registered at HPD that are no longer in this State.

If you have sent a firearm to a Mainland FFL, you should send a letter to HPD informing them that you no longer have the firearm. Your letter should contain all the important information including your registration number and date of registration, type of firearm, make, model, caliber, barrel length and serial number. Also include the name, address, and FFL number of the dealer you sent it to and the date of the transfer. Keep a copy of the letter. HPD will do nothing with your letter but, at least, you’ll have a record of notification if you ever get a law enforcement inquiry in the future. In the event the firearm is later used in a crime, the ATF trace will end with you. Unless you have a record of where the firearm went, you will have a lot of explaining to do and nothing to back it up.

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