Death defying myths we gun collectors harbor


  • I’ve got a lifetime left to sell my guns. No rush. I just need to keep buying and be happy. Even though I hardly go to the range.
  • 85 guns isn’t that much. The pre-1898 stuff and the black powder guns don’t count right?
  • My family will just love to inherit all my guns. They will take care and cherish them, as I have, over the years.
  • All my guns are so well kept. When I am gone, it’ll be easy for my heirs to take over. No rust, top shape, not broken or in parts, and all cleaned.
  • All my records are in order, in one place, and all the guns listed and easy to find. I have a master list of everything along with the HPD paperwork.
  • My family has full access to my gun room/gun closet/gun safe. They have the keys and combinations.
  • Transfer of my guns after I die is simple:  my family members are all willing and eager to get all the permits by standing in line and do the waiting period. Taking 5 long guns to HPD each time, a total of 17 times, isn’t a concern for them. None of them have criminal records or TROs that would result in permit denials.
  • All my guns are pre-1994, unregistered, and grandfathered in. My heir just need to take possession. Permits and registration aren’t needed. Right?  (Wrong!)
  • My guns are worth a fortune, and my widow will be set for life.
  • All my guns are very sought after and a snap to sell. People will be lining up to pay top dollar.
  • All the gun shops and FFLs will be clamoring to handle my estate guns. They will take all my guns in a heartbeat and sell them all in a flash, and my family will be rich. My family need do nothing but wait for the check from the shop.
  • None of my fellow shooters will take advantage of my family and try to cheat them out of my guns’ fair market value. The firearms community is not like that. They are conservative and honest, have morals, good character, and will never cheat each other.
  • My family is looking forward to having gun buyers come to the house to look over my stuff and buy them. Buyers’ bounced checks, haggling over the prices and conditions, and missed appointments will never inconvenience my family.
  • My family is actually looking forward to hauling my 85 guns down to the Gun Show twice a year for the next few years after I am dead. It should be all sold in a matter of a few shows.
  • My family will never consider calling HPD to come to the house to take my guns and destroy them.
  • I can have all of my guns buried with me. I can get an OK from the cemetery. I am working on getting my cases and cases of ammunition and reloading components also buried with me, but the EPA is holding up the approval. They will approve in time and before I die. I am sure of that.


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