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Hawaii Historic Arms Association is a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit. Our mission is to educate the general public in the cultural and historical value of collecting both arms and their related fields of uniforms, medals, armor and accoutrements. Through forums and exhibitions the public and serious collectors can meet and exchange ideas and research experiences thus lessening many misconceptions associated with arms collecting.

The evolution of man can be traced down through the ages by studying the use of arms and their impact on society. We, the Hawaii Historic Arms Association, are dedicated to the enlightenment of the people of Hawaii.


Membership in Hawaii Historic Arms Association is by sponsorship and endorsement by a member in good standing. The member should have an in depth knowledge of the applicant and must vouch for the applicant’s good citizenship and support of the second amendment.  A membership application and member endorsement must be submitted together to the board. The application process may in some cases take months for proper vetting and due diligence. Until actual board approval, all applications are deemed pending and participation in the annual board election and the spring dinner is prohibited.  However, membership applicants can attend living history events and are most welcome to attend the gun shows as public members.


In February 1977, the Hawaii Historic Arms Association was and dedicated to the study, research, collection and preservation of historical arms, armor, edged weapons, accoutrements and militaria. This Association was formed as a result of three advanced collectors meeting to discuss their common interest, and to plan an exhibition of their combined collections.

From this humble beginning the Association has produced over 17 major exhibitions, including the popular Spring and Fall exhibitions at the Neal Blaisdell Center. Attendance at these events has run in the thousands, proving the growing interest in the Association and its aims.

Proceeds from these shows are used to further the organization’s efforts at public education and general armament education. For example, new books have been purchased and donated to both the Hawaii State Library System and the Military Library System. Donations to organizations dedicated to maintaining individual rights and freedoms have been made. Funds have also gone to the Honolulu Downtown Jaycees who are sponsors of Airgun Introduction and Training for kids from 9-13. There are national Airgun Tournaments on the mainland each year, and Hawaii has produced two National Championship Teams at these events.

Our club has been actively involved through donations with organizations such as The Friends of Iolani Palace, Aloha Tower Maritime Center, Hawaii Army Museum – Fort DeRussy, Mission Houses Museum, the Hawaiian Historical Society, U.S.S. Bowfin WWII Submarine Museum, The Hawaii Railway Society.

Donations have been made both to the Bishop Museum Association and to their Ethnology Department for the restoration of an old pinfire shotgun and its case that was made originally for the Prince of Wales by J.D. Dougall of London and was later presented to John O. Dominis, husband of Queen Lilioukalani. Donations have been made to the Historic Hawaii Foundation whose many goal involving preservation and awareness align with our own goals. In addition to the broad ambitions of the organization, all club members are delighted to share their expertise in their specific fields.

In addition, the Hawaii Historic Arms Association, in affiliation with the United States Marine Corps, also supports the Toys for Tots Program.

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