March 18,19 Gun Show Information

January 20, 2017


The Hawaii Historic Arms Association will hold its 80th “Great Guns” Gun Show  

MARCH 18th and 19th 2017, at the Neal Blaisdell Exhibition Hall.

SALES TABLE – $45.00 Each        DISPLAY/CLUB TABLE – $25.00 EACH 

CO-OP Advertising Fee (all tables) $5 (1-2 tables), $10 (3-4 tables), $15 (5-6 tables)


  • A Gun Show flyer-notice will be sent to all past and present table holders on our mailing list. After receiving this first show notice, please reserve your tables by phone or email. Be sure to state how many tables you want along with address and phone number. NO payment is due at initial table registration.
  • Contact HHAA at 728-8589 or EMAIL us at our HHAA website. (hit “contact us” button)
  • When you contact us, a SHOW PACKET will be MAILED TO YOU. Payment slip and payment to confirm and hold your tables must be received by MAR. 1st, 2017. Your table may be re-sold on a first come basis if your payment is not received by the deadline.


  • Table holders are entitled to only TWO BADGES PER TABLE.
  • Table holders are responsible for the pick up and distribution of badges.
  • EARLY mail out of Badges can be requested with Payments RECEIVED by MAR, 1st.
  • Additional badges or replacements for lost badges are available at $5 each.


  • The side and back doors can only be used for table set-up and take down before 10AM Saturday and Sunday and after the show closes at 6PM Saturday and 5PM  Sunday.
  • DURING SHOW HOURS, ONLY THE MAIN PUBLIC ENTRANCES MAY BE USED. A table holder’s late set-up or early take down must be via the main entrance.
  • CARTS, FLATBEDS and HAND TRUCKS can not be used during show hours. They can only be used during set-up before 10AM and take downs on Saturday after 6PM or Sunday after 5PM.
  • These are mandatory public safety rules. Due to Show Security and Blaisdell regulations, these policies will be enforced. Plan accordingly.  Late set-up and early take down is strongly discouraged on both days of the show.

GENERAL EXCISE TAX LICENSE is highly recommended for all sales table holders.


  • Gun Show Mandatory Rules and Procedures and Prohibitions are in your Registration Packets. They must be followed. Please read and understand them. Your assistance in following these rules insures that our gun show will be safe. You will sign an official copy at the show.
  • Please send us your comments to: go to “contact us”

PLASTIC BAGS ARE BANNED as of July 1, 2015. Individual table holders responsible for any use.


FUTURE GUN SHOWS:   MAR. 18-19, 2017, SEPT.30-OCT.1, 2017

MAHALO FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION! Sheldon Tyau, Show Chairman.    Updated 1/17 

Member Featured Firearm: fn 1905



Note:  This is a continuing series of posts highlighting some of the guns that HHAA members have in their collections.   Members, please see the newsletter for information about how to contact the webmaster and have your gun featured here.

The parade of early John Moses Browning pistols continues.  Today’s featured firearm is the Fabrique Nationale (FN) model 1905.  Named because of the patent date, this gun was sold by FN from 1906 until 1959.  The Colt Vest Pocket, which is virtually identical, came out 2 years later in 1908.  While John Browning sold gun designs to both FN and Colt, the 1905/1908 was the only design that was produced by both companies.  The gun was popularly known at the time as the “Baby Browning”, but it is a totally different gun from the “Baby Browning” designed by Dieudonné Saive for FN (although it is said that Saive based his design on the 1905).

This small striker fired, blowback pistol is chambered in the underwhelming 25acp (6.35×16mmSR) and is meant to be easily concealed in a gentleman’s “vest pocket”.  The removable magazine holds six rounds.


The gun features 3 safeties:  A manual safety, a grip safety and a magazine safety.


Above, is the gun field stripped. In the upper left hand corner, you can see the three parts of the striker.   The frame is in the upper right hand corner and the slide in the lower right.  In the center are the recoil spring, guide rod and the 2 inch barrel.  Finally, the 6 round magazine is in the lower left.

Very concealable but definitely more of a belly gun since the sights are minuscule.


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