Proposed State Dept regs threaten firearms websites

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The NRA-ILA is reporting that the Obama administration is attempting to change federal regulations and declare that websites with firearms and ammunition imformation are “exports” and can therefore be prohibited under US export control laws (ITAR) without an export license.  The State Department is saying that before posting gun related information, you would need to get permission from the government.  This is, in effect,  a massive prior restraint of free speech that has both 2nd and 1st amendment ramifications.  Technical information such as reloading data, gun manuals, gunsmithing information and more could be directly affected. These regulations could threaten this website.

Charles Cooke over at National Review has an excellent article that explains this: The State Department’s Dangerous New Proposal to Regulate Gun Enthusiasts’ Internet Speech.

Here is the NRA-ILA’s take on all of this.

You can make a difference here!   Send comments regaring this regulation and let the State Department know what you think about these changes.

Public comments on the proposed changes to ITAR will be accepted until August 3, 2015. You can submit those comments at or e-mail them to with the subject line ‘‘ITAR Amendment—Revisions to Definitions; Data Transmission and Storage.”

Please be respectful in your comments.  A simple message stating you oppose the revisions to the ITAR regulations is sufficient.  If you have more thoughts, by all means add those, too.

HB888 Recommitted and dead for this year

Good news!  HB 888 has been unanimously recommitted and is being sent back to committee.

HB888, CD1, the “Deedy” bill, would create a petty misdemeanor for recklessly possessing a loaded firearm when intoxicated, including in your own home.

F-rated House Judiciary Chair Karl Rhoads got the Senate to agree to his language, deleting “in public”, and “discharge” from the Senate version, after 3 conference committees at which no public testimony is taken.

Report Courtesy of MAX COOPER, HRA

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Centerfire Rifle Match this Sunday



Sunday, April 19, 2015
Signup & Prep – 11:00 am; Match – 12:00 Noon
Koko Head Shooting Complex, Rifle Range (left side) HHAA Members only

EQUIPMENT: Re-enactors encouraged; hat squad please!

  • Center-fire rifle
  • 50 rounds of ammunition
  • No slings, gloves, shooting jackets or spotting scopes(slings okay in tight parade position & not used to support aiming)
  • Eye & ear protection, shooting mat, stapler & pen


Stage I: Snap shooting, 50 yards standing:

  • Snap 1, 10 rounds top target, 7 seconds per shot
  • Snap 2, 10 rounds lower target, 5 seconds per shot

Stage II: Position shooting, 100 yards:

  • Standing, 10 rounds top target, 6 minutes
  • Sitting, 10 rounds middle target, 5 minutes
  • Prone (optional sitting), 10 rounds bottom target, 5 minutes

POST-MATCH DINNER: Traditional spaghetti dinner by gourmet chef, “Big Al.” Please bring salad, side dishes, drinks, and desserts to fill out this wonderful bill of fare.

5 guns stolen from parking lot at Gun Show recovered!

Update:  Good News! The stolen guns have been recovered by HPD!!

Five Rifles were stolen from the Blaisdell parking lot of the gun show on Sunday, March 22nd at about 5pm.  These are all historic guns or replicas of historic guns.  Please help us.  If you have any information on the whereabouts of these guns, please contact the police.   Please help!  The owner is offering a $500 reward for the return of the rifles (especially #3,#4,#5 below) – no questions asked.

Here are the descriptions and some pictures.

1. Uberti Model 1866 “Yellow boy” lever action rifle, .45 Colt caliber, 19” barrel. The brass frame is not polished and the barrel is “antiqued”.

2.  TTN, 12 ga. double barrel shotgun, with hammers, 20” barrels, finish is “antiqued”  Ser # P05807.  Picture below is pre-antiquing.

3. 1863 Remington “Zouave”, .58 cal muzzle loader, 33″ bbl. Antique.

4. Remington Jenks 1847 Navy Carbine, with Maynard tape primer, .54 cal. 24 1/4″ bbl. Antique.

5. Warner solid frame revolving rifle, made in the 1850’s, ser # 249, .40 cal, 26″ bbl. Have to push the forward trigger to revolve the cylinder. Antique.




HHAA Releases extensive Gun Law Column


Hawaii Historic Arms Association is pleased to announce that, as a public service, we are making every “What’s the Law?” column available on this web site.

“What’s the Law?” is a column about Hawaii and Federal firearms laws written so the average person can understand the often confusing laws and requirements.   The column is written by Darryl Choy, a licensed attorney since 1972 and District Judge since 1982.  Darryl is a long time member of Hawaii Historic Arms Association and has written about 60 “What’s the Law?” columns for the HHAA newsletter between 1997 and the present. This is the first time this series has been published in one place and made available to the general public. It is one of the most extensive resources on Hawaii firearms laws available.

Topics covered include Permitting, TROs, transfers, transportation, Castle Doctrine and more. Every gun owner needs to understand the law and make certain he/she complies with it.  These articles are an invaluable resource to that end.

There are several ways to access the articles:

  1. You can click here, which is an index of the articles
  2. You can click here, which will list the articles in reverse chronological order
  3. On the HHAA Website menu bar, Click “Articles” and “The Law”
  4. You can search for specific terms using the search box (e.g. “TRO”) on the website.

Hawaii Historic Arms Association is dedicated to public service and education.  Through our bi-annual gun shows, support of firearms education and articles like these, we continue to fulfill our mission to educate and enlighten the public.  This set of articles represents the first major release of content from our members.  We plan on continuing to release educational articles in the area of law, gunsmithing, restoration and arms collecting in the coming months.  Stay tuned.

To keep informed, follow us on twitter at @hihistoricarms

HHAA Donates $1000 to X-Shots Shooting Club


Hawaii Historic Arms Association continues it’s mission of education and support for young people by donating $1000 to the X-Shots Shooting Club, a group which supports organized rifle shooting in schools and teaches the safe handling of firearms.   We are proud to support them and their worthy mission.  Check out the letter they sent which gives more information about them and the very cool signed card we received.


Note:  In a previous post, the club was erroneously referred to as Shots Shooting Club.  We apologize for this error and have corrected it.


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