Articles on Gun Ownership in Hawaii

Well, a couple of interesting articles have come out regarding gun ownership in hawaiii.  First the Attorney General’s report on permitting and registrations is out.  Outdoor hub has an interesting and somewhat surprising take on it.  Finally, Civil beat has an article which interviews a bunch of local people on the number of gun registrations and features a prominent member of the SASH gun club and some friends at the HRA and LIFE.

Update: The Washington Times has an article which dissects Kauai’s increase in gun permits.

NSSF: ATF to not move forward with m855 ammo ban

ATF has announced they will not move forward with the M855 ammo ban “At this time”.  Read more about it at the NSSF Blog:

Update:  Press release from ATF.  Your comments made the difference:

Update 2:  From The Hill Newspaper

How to be a Gun Collector

With the Gun Show coming up, we are posting some articles culled from the net about gun collecting and purchasing used guns.

Below is a great article from the NRA Museum.  If you are new to gun collecting or just interested in becoming an arms collector, this article contains a lot of useful information. It discusses the different types of collections, condition, gun show etiquette and more.