Did you Know? (shooting in the air)

Did you know? (From July 1997 Newsletter)
By Darryl Choy

Did You know that a 150 arain 30 cal bullet fired straight up will slow, stop and fall back to earth accelerating until it reaches a point where its weight will equal the air resistance, i.e., terminal velocity. A govt. study showed that the 150 gr. bullet comes down bottom first (that’s where the lead is) at 300 feet per second (30 foot pounds). This was enough to make a 1/16″ deep mark on soft pine; like a good whack with a hammer but not quite lethal. A shot up at an angle will arc and can/will return at the end of the arc at a lethal velocity. Do not do not shoot three rounds straight up to see if you can get a MOA shot group on the top of your head. If you insist on trying this out at New Year’s, first buy a good insurance policy and secondly wear a steel helmet.

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