Forget the Tumbler (Brass Cleaning Tip)


Forget the Tumbler

By Darryl Choy

Originally published 11/1998

Wanna a cheap and easy method to clean brass? Try unsweetened Kool Aid. One packet makes 2 quarts. A couple of hours soak in this liquid will brightened most brass (heavy tarnished brass will come out pinkish). Solution is reusable until it gets so dark you can’t stand it any longer (the citric acid will give out about then). Any flavor will work but you should get a light color like lemon since it will stain your hands (teenagers use this stuff to dye their hair). Caution: if you have small rug rats, place a green poison yeech face sticker on the container so that they don’t recycle (drink) it. Use gloves and enjoy!

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