Prohibited Items

Prohibited by Hawaii Law

1.Fully automatic firearms

2.Unregistered handguns

3.Unregistered long guns acquired after 6-30-94

4.Shotguns with less than 18” barrels

5.Rifles with less than 16” barrels


7.Hand grenades (live)

8.Dynamite and blasting caps

9.Ammunition with exploding/impact segmenting projectiles

10.Bombs and bombshells (live)

11.Armor piercing projectiles

12.More than 10 round magazines that will fit a handgun (includes AR-15, AK, 10/22 and M-1 carbine magazines that hold more than 10 rounds)


14.Firearms with altered, removed or obliterated make, model or number

15.Butterfly knives

16.Switch blade and gravity knives

17.Handguns with die cast frames with melt point less than 800 degrees

18.Electric guns

19.Assault pistols (semi-auto with detachable magazine outside pistol grip and shrouded barrel)


1.Loose live ammunition

2.All gun powder, smokeless and black powder

3.Rapid fire trigger activators

4.Hand grenades (inert), but allowed for displays and re-enactors only

5.Pyrotechnic shotgun shells

6.Handloaded ammunition. Commercial re-manufactured ammunition such as Black Hills are permitted.

7.Loading or chambering of any firearm with ammunition

8.Wearing firearms unless a re-enactor or security

9.Gunsmithing work or reloading of cartridges

10.Use of power tools

11.Placing anything on the walls or columns

12.Photos (camera/cell/video) of any table or display without table holder’s consent.

13.Detachable magazines inserted into a firearm

14.No outside food to be brought after 10AM until closing

Please be aware that Hawaii Historic Arms Association does not promote or support nor oppose anycandidate for political office, federal, state or county level

All children under16 years of age must be supervised at all times by an adult.