Gun Show Rules

  1. Official Show times for public access are 10:00 am to 6:00pm on Saturday and 10:00 AM to 5:00PM on Sunday.  Table Holders are obligated to be present with an active table during these times

  2. Setup time is 8:00AM to 10AM.  You may use the side and back entrances with carts, hand trucks and flatbeds only during this time period.  During official show hours, you may have access only via the main entrance and carts, hand trucks, and flatbeds are prohibited.  Please arrive and setup early!

  3. Take down time is 6:00pm on Saturday and 5:00pm on Sunday.  Only after these times can the back and side entrances be used along with carts, hand trucks, and flatbeds.  You are not required to remove your items on Saturday night.  Overnight security will be provided

  4. Table holders are entitled to only two badges per table.  Additional badges or replacements may be purchased for $5 each and are good for both days

  5. Table area is 8’ x 30”.  A table covering is recommended.

  6. Table holders must directly supervise all minors assisting at a table

  7. Table contents are limited to legal firearms, accessories, optics, edged weapons, militaria, hunting items, shooting sports equipment, and related works of art and printed materials.

  8. All items are subject to inspection by the Gun Show committee. Any items deemed unsuitable or against the objective and purpose of the Show are subject to immediate removal.

  9. All firearms must be transported to and from the Gun Show in fully enclosed gun cases in accordance with Chapter 134 HRS.

  10. Ammunition must be in correctly marked, enclosed containers.

  11. Old, antique, or collector non-firing ammunition must be so marked.

  12. Rifle ammunition can only be sold to adults 18 years and older

  13. Handgun ammunition can only be sold to adults 21 years or older.

  14. Firearm actions must be open and secured with a plastic tie.  Table holder must provide their own  plastic ties.

  15. Detachable magazines/clips must be removed from firearms (Except for HHAA re-enactors)

  16. Long guns must be sold in accordance with Federal and State law whether or not currently registered.    Pre-July 1994 long guns must be registered by buyers.  All long gun buyers must have a valid police permit to acquire and photo ID.  The buyer must be instructed to register the long gun at the Police Department within 5 days from date of purchase.  The notice of transfer must be sent by the seller to the Police Department within 48 hours.  A sample form will be attached to the table holder packet.

  17. Handgun purchases cannot be completed at the Gun Show since a 14-day application and waiti period is mandatory by law.

  18. Table holders are strongly urged to have a State of Hawaii, General Excise Tax license.  Please maintain a list of all sales and offer a receipt if the buyer requests one as required by Hawaii tax law.  This is the responsibility of the table holder.

  19. It is important that all table holders DO NOT LEAVE boxes, containers, or excess TRASH.  If you were fortunate enough to sell a lot of your items, please take the empty containers home for disposal.  Don’t abandon them on your table or on top of the NBC trash receptacles.  Please kokua so that our relationship with the NBC remains in good standing.