HHAA Member Featured Firearm: Browning/FN 1900

This pistol is an FN 1900.  It is John Browning’s first commercial pistol.  It was built and sold by Fabrique Nationale, the Belgium pistol maker.  It is a single action, striker fired, semi-automatic blowback pistol and the first commercial pistol to use a slide.   It features a removable magazine.

It was very successful and made “Browning” synonymous with Pistol in Europe.  It is chambered in 7.65 Browning, known in America as 32acp.   The two flathead screws at the top of the slide are for disassembly,  making the 1900 unusual in that it requires a screwdriver to disassemble.

The two crossed Mosin’s on the frame directly over the grip indicate that this particular pistol is an Imperial Russian Contract Pistol ordered for the Russian Military Academy.

Many people believe that an FN 1900 was used to assassinate Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie and set off the chain of events that started World War I.  This is not the case.   That gun was a FN 1910 chambered in .380 and will be featured in a future article.

Ran into this gun at a gun show in Las Vegas and picked it up for a decent price.

For more information about the gun, see this short article on Wikipedia.


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