Member Featured Firearm: FN 1922


In a previous post, we showed a FN 1910 designed by John Browning as a followup to his popular FN 1900 pistol.  Today, we are showing a variant of the 1910 called the 1922.  The Yugoslav army was looking for a new military pistol and favored the 1910 but wanted a longer barrel and more magazine capacity.  FN was able to design some variations to the 1910 design to make this happen:

  • The grip was lengthened to allow 2 more rounds
  • A longer barrel was added
  • The bushing from the 1910 was replaced with a “Cap” that accommodated the longer barrel
  • A Lanyard ring was added

Like the 1910 and 1900, it is chambered in 7.65×17mm Browning (32acp).

For comparison, here is the 1910 on top and the 1922 on the bottom.


And a similar picture with the the cap removed for comparison.  You can see the frame length is identical but the barrel is longer and grip extended:


Here is an excellent article on about this Pistol.


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