Pakes at Gettysburg

Pakes’ at Gettysburg

Darryl Choy

Originally appeared in the 4/1999 Newsletter

The HHAA November issue contained a reprint of an article appearing in “CIVIL WAR TIMES ILLUSTRATED” dated September/October 1994 regarding one Joseph Pierce, a Chinese soldier in Company F, 14th Connecticut , 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division in Hanncock’s II Corps. Armed with Sharp’s Rifles, the 14th Defended against Pickett’s Charge on the left side of”tbe Angle”,

Research indicates two more Pake Yanks at Gettysburg. John Tommy was in the 70th New York 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division in Sickle’s III Corps who was mortally wounded on the second day in the Peach Orchard when Wilcox’s Alabama Infantry broke the the New York’s line and Barksdale Mississippians swept them in a flanking movement.

A third unnamed Pake served in the 43rd New York. 3rd Brigade, 2ud Division Sedgwick’s VI Corps. This Corps was deployed between the V and TCorps during Pickett’fs charge, but saw  little Action.

No word yet on Pakes in Gray or Butternut ….

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