Pre-WWII Winchester Model 70

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Actually this is a return to the back of my gun safe after almost a half century… In the late 1950s, my grandfather, King Thom (of King’s Sporting Goods), took me on a deer hunt on Lanai. My first venture was with a Winchester Model 94 30-30 open sights my older brother got in a trade for a four barrel carburetor. The hunt was not a success.

Subsequently, Grandfather pulled an old scoped Winchester bolt rifle that was in his glass display case and gave it to me. The next Lanai deer hunt, I took a spike (younger, almost mature, male deer). Then ten years later, when I was in grad school, my mom told me to return the rifle to “Agung” for better safe keeping. When I did, my grandfather told me, “No need… it’s your rifle,” but I left it anyway with the understanding that, once I got my law degree and came home, I’d retrieve the rifle. Sadly, that was not to happen. Right before graduation, Grandfather went into a coma and passed. In the following months, all of his firearms “disappeared,” including the old Winchester rifle.

Many years later, HHAA member JOHN PERREIRA called me and said he had a line on a Winchester Model 70 that was reputed to be owned by the proprietor of King’s Sporting Goods. He asked if I was interested, but I foolishly declined. Fast forward to March 2015 when I was on Lanai sitting on a ridge deer hunting and thinking about the early days when I was at the same place as a 14 year old with my grandfather’s Winchester. Less than a week later and out of the blue, HHAA member KT called me and wanted to know if I knew the provenance of a pre-WW2 Winchester Model 70 Super Grade that was owned by King Thom. I told him I knew a little and that it was my rifle!

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With much thanks to KOLYN, the rifle is back with me. It is indeed my grandfather’s pre-WW2 Winchester Model 70 Super Grade, 30 Gov’t 06, serial number 19,7xx, floor plate marked “Super Grade,” ebony forend, charging clip slot, red Winchester recoil pad and inletted detachable sling swivels. According to Winchester, this rifle was manufactured in 1939 with a barrel marked 1938. Bore is excellent and overall good+ with honest wear and tear and a few dings I must have been responsible for. A lot of work has been “performed,” so it isn’t much of a collector rifle. Pre-war 70s were not normally drilled and tapped for the then new telescopic sights. This rifle has much too many holes drilled for a Griffin & Howe side mount. The rifle has an old Bausch & Lomb Balvar (B&L Variable) 2.5x to 4x, 1”, scope. No internal adjustment. The B&L two piece scope mount has adjustments for windage and elevation. The front sight blade was changed, the hood missing, and the Winchester 22G adjustable rear sight was replaced with a Lyman flip sight. If I remember correctly, I did that. The old style “paddle” safe was restored by KT.

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