President’s Message 1999

President’s Message

Originally published 6/1999

Another year is coming to a close, and our annual banquet is just around the comer. It’s been a good year. It’s been a turbulent year. It’s been a year tilled with both happiness and tragedy. Each year has its challenges and this past year has been no different.

The mayors Koko Head Regional Park and Nature Preserve Initiative looms in the future • it’s impact on the existing Koko Head Range Shooting Complex both uncertain and not fully unexplained nor understood. Nationally, the tragedy at Littleton, has unleashed the prospect of sweeping new anti.gun legislation that threatens to change forever certain aspects of the collecting of fireanns. Now more than ever before is the need to be united. Now each of us has got to be a team player.

Our organization, like any successful business, has got to be composed of team players. Running successsful HHAA educational displays, conducting a silhouette shoot, or even a monthly meeting requires the participation and cooperation of everyone. We’re not all good speakers, good organizers or good shooters. But we all have a common interest and love of our hobby. Team players capitalize on using the strengths of some to offset the weaknesses of others. Now more thin ever, we all need to be team players. We need to volunteer to sit at displays, assist new shooters and do all the other little taskings that must be performed in order to keep this great organization truly great.

The members of the board join me in saying mabalo for your support during the past year. Let’s look forward to meeting the challenges that lie ahead. The future of arms collecting and indeed gun ownership is in your


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