What’s the Law: Shipping Handguns to the mainland (non-ffl to ffl)



TOPIC (revisited): Shipping Handguns to the mainland (non-ffl to ffl)

Question: I am seriously downsizing my collection and selling my firearms on internet auctions. I know I can send a long gun without a Hawaii FFL to a Mainland FFL. But how about handguns? I heard it’s the same process.

Answer: Yes, you can send a handgun to a Mainland FFL without going through a Hawaii FFL. However, you have to ship via a common carrier such as UPS or FedEx. Be aware that these carriers will require you to ship via “next-day” or “priority-overnight” rate. Expensive, but doable. The cheapest way is USPS flat rate but, as a non-FFL, you can’t mail a handgun. A Hawaii FFL has to mail it. In order for your Hawaii FFL to do this, the
Shipping handguns to the Mainland, non-FFL to FFL handgun must be dealer-registered by your Hawaii FFL before it can be mailed. This will require two trips to HPD. So the simplest way is for you to ship via UPS or FedEx to a Mainland FFL. The Mainland FFL should send you a signed copy of the FFL. This can be done by fax or email attachment. Go to ATF’s online “FFL eZ Check” to verify the FFL’s address. (See: 18 U.S.C. Sec. 922 (a) (3), (5), (e), 27 CFR Sec. 478.31.

See also “ATF Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide 2005,” Question & Answer, B7 & B8.)

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