Proper Way to Install an After-Market 10/22 Barrel

Proper Way to Install an After-Market 10/22 Barrel

by Mike Fujioka

It’s a normal “bolt on and off.” Here are some hints on installing the barrel.

Remove the factory barrel and strip all parts from the receiver until it is bare. Try to fit the new barrel. If the barrel will not slide into the receiver as easily as the factory barrel, you will have to hand fit it. All you have to do is sand the barrel extension (the part of the barrel that slides into the receiver) with sandpaper to remove a slight bit of metal (evenly around the extension) so that it slides in snugly. Not TIGHT, but SNUG! (“Snug” means you can still remove it by hand pressure only; a little resistance is good.)

Do not sand or enlarge the receiver opening for the barrel!

NOTE: Be sure to clean off all metal sanding debris from the barrel extension before a trial fit. Failure to do so will allow metal grit to bind the barrel into the receiver at the half-way point. It’s a pain to constantly clean before each trial fit, but go slow and don’t rush it. If the barrel gets stuck, use a large wooden dowel placed against the barrel extension from the inside of the receiver and tap the wooden dowel with a small hammer lightly to push the barrel back out (having to do this just once will definitely ensure that you remember to clean off all sanding grit before trial fitting next time).

If the fit is TIGHT, do not hammer the barrel in. You might crack your receiver! Nearly all hand-fitted snug barrels shoot very accurately.

Be careful when tightening the V-Block while securing the new barrel to the receiver. Snug is all you need, and both screws should have even torque pressure applied. If the V-Block cracks or breaks, this is not a problem. Order an after-market steel one which will prevent this from happening again.

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