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Editors Note:  At the time this is being republished, we have just successfully completed our 76th gun show.  This article, published just after the October 1999 Gun Show, seems as relevant today as when it was written. 


By JP, HHAA President

Originally published: 10/1999

As I observed the people attending our recent gun show, I saw that there is hope for our firearms liberties. The sight was of young families with children; the parents discussing and letting the youngsters handle the firearms while instructing them in the proper safety procedures. After being beaten down by the usual media hatred of guns, this was very reassuring.

The future ofour firearm liberties is in the hands ofthese parents and their children. We need to spend more time as HHAA members and as individuals reaching out to more families such as these. They need to know not only about frrearms but also about the history o f firearms. How our country was formed and defended throughout the centuries by courageous patriots with their muskets and rifles. Few people today seem to know or care about the role that firearms play in the protection of our liberties, both individual and as a nation.

We need to counter the message that is being presented by the media. In the charter of the HHAA, the very first purpose listed is: “educate the public about the historic and cultural importance of arms and related items”.  I challenge each of you to look around your community and find ways to get this message out to your friends and neighbors and to think of innovative ways that the HHAA can use to present the history of firearms to the Hawaii public. Let us work to preserve our heritage!

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