To Restore or not to Restore


To restore or not to restore, that is the question. Many begining collectors get the bug of wanting pristine weapons. It all depends on what you want; factory issue, used G .I., arsenal refinished, arsenal rebuild, etc. The best advice I have is to do a lot of research. You’ll find main expense and asset gun collection is its reference library. Even an obsure note such as field unit armories will provide valuable insight on weapon conversions, i.e., USMC 1903 . sniper rifles. Always remember, will the restoration enhance the value of the weapon or devalue it. Will it affect it’s resale price? Sometimes it is unwise to refinish a gun. But the bottom line is do your research, keep good notes and do it right the first time. You will be less frustrated and. discouraged. Remember most military weapons are over 50 years old and ain’t a spring  chicken. Good luck and Happy Collecting!

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