Tribute to Earl Matsuoka

Remembering EARL MATSUOKA…

EARL MATSUOKA, former long-time HHAA member, passed away peacefully after a long illness on June 9, 2011.  Earl was a nationally recognized stock maker, wood restoration icon, and master custom flintlock maker.  His re-stocking of fine, double-barreled shotguns has been featured in national publications.  Earl’s interests even extended to the premier Las Vegas Antique Arms Show where he displayed his outstanding work under his dba, Ohana Antiques.  His wood restorations include artifacts (non-firearm) at the Bishop Museum.  Many of us have handled his superbly built, Yeager flintlock rifles. His skill in fine-tuning a flintlock resulted in extreme fast lock time… so fast that Earl’s flintlocks could be fired upside down!

Thirteen years ago, Earl wrote a 5-part series about flintlocks which was published in the HHAA Newsletter:  Part I — Why Choose a Flintlock?;Part II — Making Your Flintlock Work; Part III — Making Your Flintlock Fail-Safe; Part IV — A Reliable Flintlock in Wet Weather; and Part V — Flint Knapping for Flintlocks.  These were printed in the February, March, May, June, and July 1998 issues, respectively and reprinted after his death.

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