What’s the Law: Rap Back

What’s the Law

by Darry Choy


Question: What’s happening to the new Rap Back System?

Answer: The “Rap Back” bill was signed into law by the Governor and effective July 1, 2016. However, HPD wasn’t ready. Unconfirmed is the development of a computer program that was said to be operational September 1. No word on the fee for the mandatory enrollment, but a $60 fee was rumored. Enrollment would be required when obtaining a firearm or applying for a permit. This may apply to renewals of long gun permits. As of the end of August, officers at the HPD Firearms Division haven’t heard as to the status of Rap Back.

Essentially, the Rap Back service does not register your firearms, but it does register you as an individual. Rap Back provides authorized agencies, such as HPD, with notification of criminal and civil activity (restraining orders and mental health matters) of individuals. Rap Back does not provide new authority to agencies, including the FBI, for collection of biometric and biographical information. It does, however, implement new response services to notify agencies of subsequent activity for individuals enrolled in the service, including a more timely process of confirming suitability of those individuals for firearms ownership.

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