What’s the Law: Armor Piercing Rifle Ammunition



TOPIC: Armor Piercing Rifle Ammunition

Question: I just came into possession of a number of 30-06 USGI armor piercing cartridges. I also got a box of loose black tip AP bullets. Is this legal to possess?

Answer: Section 134-8(a) HRS prohibits any projectile that is coated with Teflon or similar coating designed primarily to enhance penetration of metal or protective armor or any projectile that is designed to explode or segment upon impact. AP rounds do not appear to fall within that definition.

Federal law allows the possession, purchase, sale, and shooting of rifle AP bullets. However you cannot make or import AP bullets (18 USC sec. 921(a)(17) and ATF regs). Federal law does prohibit some handgun AP bullets. Note, however, you can assemble rifle ammunition using those black tip bullets. It is the making of an AP bullet itself that is prohibited.

So the short answer is AP rifle ammunition and bullets are not illegal to possess.

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