What’s the Law: Bayonets banned for hunting?

QUESTION: I am told that a bayonet with more than the lower blade sharpened is a deadly weapon and cannot be used for pig hunting but can be possessed at home or at a gun show for display. I don’t see a clear description of what constitutes a deadly weapon in Sec. 134 HRS. Does a Glock field knife with a blade that is sharpened along the bottom edge AND serrated or with saw tooth upper edge meet the definition of a deadly weapon? I know a pig hunter who wants to buy one with a saw tooth upper and a sharpened lower edge blade.

ANSWER: A bayonet is a deadly weapon. But deadly weapons can be used for hunting; i.e., guns. A bayonet is a deadly weapon with or without both edges sharpened. A Glock field knife is just a knife. Check out Sec. 134-51 HRS; the Case Note at 55 H. 531 is dispositive. The Hawaii Supreme Court ruled that the test is whether the “sole design and purpose is to inflect bodily injury or death.” If so, it’s a deadly weapon.

While bayonets have been used to clean boots, open cans, etc., the sole design and purpose is to hurt people. Thus a deadly weapon. The Glock is a field knife for numerous purposes, so it doesn’t fit the definition and, thus, it’s just a knife. But remember, people get busted by uninformed cops all the time, so carrying is always a risk. You don’t want to have a Supreme Court case with your name as the defendant. The scarier the knife, the more likely to get busted.

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