What’s The Law: Carrying a firearm without a permit



Topic: Carrying a firearm without a permit

QUESTION: Where can I carry a firearm without a permit… house, backyard, private road, common area of condo, or carport?

ANSWER: Where you can lawfully carry a firearm loaded or unloaded is governed by Sec. 134-23 and 24 HRS “Place to keep.” As related to your question, those Sections require firearms to be confined to your “residence.” However, Chapter 134 HRS does not define “residence.” Residence has been generally defined as a house, home, dwelling, where you reside, or a place where you live. Clearly, this should include your house or apartment and attached covered balcony, patio, lanai, porch and garage. But does it include the back, front and side yards or driveway?

Carrying in the common areas of a condominium would not seem to be allowed, nor would a private road.

Safest bet is to confine carry to the inside of your home. Even bore sighting a rifle from your lanai would not be advised. You will risk getting busted by HPD. Gun owners have been subject to a 911 call when in their yard sanding just a wood rifle stock. No arrest, but the officer advised the owner to go in the back patio to do the work as not to alarm people

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