What’s the Law: Cartridge conversion cylinder in a percussion revolver

Topic: Cartridge conversion cylinder in a percussion revolver

QUESTION: I own several black powder revolvers. If I buy one cartridge conversion cylinder, what are my legal obligations with regard to registration? Do I need to register every gun that it will fit into? How do I get a permit for something I already have?
ANSWER: Whenever you install a cartridge conversion cylinder in percussion revolver, it becomes an unregistered handgun. You are required to have it registered at HPD. But if you have other percussion revolvers that your conversion cylinder would fit, they do not need to be registered provided you do not install the conversion cylinder.

How would you accomplish registration? Go down to HPD with your percussion revolver with the regular cylinder along with the conversion cylinder NOT installed. Tell them you want to register the revolver. Install the conversion cylinder after you are issued the registration paper. Does the 14-day wait period apply? Not sure. Do you need the hand gun training affidavit? Yes.

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