What’s the Law: Edged Weapons



TOPIC: Edged Weapons


Question: What’s the law on edged weapons, knives, swords, daggers, etc.? What can I own and carry, and what is completely banned?

Answer: There are three categories of edged items:

  • Switch blade, gravity, inertia, and butterfly knives are completely banned. These are illegal and cannot be owned, possessed, carried, given away, or sold (sec. 134-51 & 52 HRS).
  •  Deadly or dangerous edged weapons, including double-edged knives, dirks, and daggers, are defined as (1) solely designed and purpose is to inflict bodily injury or death; or (2) designed primarily as a weapon or diverted from normal use and prepared for combat. Included are cane swords, swords, bayonets, wooden knuckles with sharks’ teeth, brass knuckles, slug shot, blackjack, and billy clubs. These items can be owned, possessed, and sold, but cannot be carried or stored in your vehicle; they are in the same category as firearms (sec. 134-51 HRS).
  • All other edged items can be possessed and carried. Surprisingly, cane knives, hunting knives, kitchen knives, diving knives, fixed or folding blade knives, straight edge razors, and nunchaku sticks are in this category. There doesn’t seem to be any legal restriction on blade length. Popular belief is one can’t carry a knife with a blade longer than 3 inches. This appears to be a myth.

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