What’s the Law: Firearms in Commercial Self-Storage



TOPIC: Firearms in Commercial Self-Storage

Question: I just got a one-year temporary assignment to the Mainland from my employer. I will need to give up my rented apartment and place all of my household goods into storage. Can I legally store my firearms and ammunition in a commercial self-storage facility?

Answer: No. You have a problem. You can only store firearms in your residence, place of work (if allowed), and a gun shop; otherwise, it is a violation of the “place to keep” section of Chapter 134 HRS. Additionally, many self-storage businesses prohibit firearms and ammunition. However, components like unprimed brass and bullets are not a problem although many self-storage companies may elect to prohibit these items as well.

One solution is to have a FFL dealer store your firearms in a gun shop. However, this will require the dealer to enter the firearms into the AFT book and obtain a HPD dealer registration. You will need to re-register your firearms when you regain possession.

Another option is to move to the home of a family member or friend. Re-establish that address as your official Hawaii residence (have some of your mail sent there; register to vote at that address) and move all your firearms and ammunition into a secured locked area or safe at that address. Then leave on your temporary assignment.

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