What’s the Law: Firearms Insurance

Question: Does my homeowners or renters insurance policy cover firearms?

Answer: Most likely no. Firearms insurance policies have different aspects.

The first is firearms loss (theft, fire, etc.). Some homeowners insurance may cover but only for a limited amount; most don’t exceed $2,500. Some polices exclude firearms completely. You can get an additional rider policy, and even the NRA and other carriers offer firearms loss insurance.

The second is liability insurance for harm caused by your firearm. Virtually all homeowners insurance exclude intentional harm caused by firearms. Insurance can’t cover the commission of a crime.

Also excluded from coverage is harm caused by using, owning, lending, and firing firearms. Umbrella insurance policies may also have a firearms liability exclusion.

There are separate insurance policies available for firearms liability. They cover the cost of a civil or criminal defense and the injury caused by the firearms use. Such policies cover you when you use a firearm in self defense.

It appears that if you are injured by someone at the range or while hunting, it isn’t covered by that person’s homeowners policy. You’re also not covered if your gun blows up or your shot injures or causes property damage.

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