What’s the Law: Handguns



TOPIC: Handguns

Question: I have a number of handguns in my collection and just want a rundown on what’s legal?


  1. All handguns must be currently registered with the Police Department. There isn’t any grandfather clause unless actually manufactured before 1899 or fires only with loose black powder. See sec. 134-3 HRS.
  2. You cannot have any magazines that hold more than ten rounds. Mere possession of such a handgun magazine is a misdemeanor. If it’s inserted in the handgun, it’s a felony; inserted in a rifle, it’s still a misdemeanor. See sec. 134-8(d) HRS.
  3. Unless registered before July 1975, you can not possess any handgun that has a die cast zinc alloy receiver that has a melting temperature of 800 F or less. See sec. 134-15 HRS. Note these “zinc” guns, if properly registered, can be transferred.
  4. You can not possess an “assault pistol” (definition in sec 134-1 HRS) unless registered before July 1992.

    Note that even when registered, it cannot be transferred by the owner. See sec. 134-8 HRS.

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