What’s the Law: How to legally sell a gun


Darryl Choy

Topic: How to legally sell a gun

Any time you sell or give away a rifle or shotgun you must do the following:

1) The person who receives your long gun must have a valid and current permit to acquire issued by the any ofthe four county police departments. Check the expiration date and obtain a photo copy ofthe permit for your records.
2) Inform the person receiving your long gun that he/she must take the firearm to the police department within five (5) days for registration.

3) You must notifY the police department ofthe transfer within forty-eight (48) hours of the transfer. Any sale or transfer not in compliance with the above is illegal and may subJect you to criminal prosecution whether or not the firearm involved is already registered.

4) Also recommenced is that you have the receiving person complete the first page of a 4473 yellow form and that you obtain a photo copy of that person’s drivers license.

Accordingly you should have in your permanent records : photo copies of the permit, driver’s license and notice oftransfer plus the completed first page ofa 4473. These four things will protect you if and when the BATF does a firearms trace if the long gun should ever be connected to a crime. The BATF will contact the manufacturer and trace the firearm to you. You need to show who you transferred it to and that it was a lawful transfer. We all support our gun rights and need to keep firearms away from criminals. Please do your part. For further reference see Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 135 specifically sections 2e,f, and 3b

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