What’s the Law: Illegal parts in an AR-15 type rifle

What’s the Law

Topic:  Illegal Parts in an AR-15 type Rifle

by Darryl Choy

Question: What parts are illegal in an AR-15-type rifle?

Answer: The M-16 Hammer, Safety Selector, Trigger, Disconnector, and Bolt Carrier are unlawful to possess and cannot be installed in an AR-15. Even one of these parts can get you into trouble, and it doesn’t matter if the rifle cannot fire full automatic. Mere possession of one or more is a federal felony. The G.I. parts pictured on the right, along with a G.I. full auto sear are illegal. Also illegal is a lower receiver that is drilled for the full auto sear; that’s the hole just above the safety selector. Such illegal parts and receivers were common during the 1960s and 1970s when non-Colt ARs were being built by gun enthusiasts. These illegal parts should be immediately replaced and destroyed unless you live in a class 3 state and the rifle is a federally registered NFA (National Firearms Act) machine gun.

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