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What’s the Law

By Darryl Choy

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This is a chronological index to the What’s the Law? articles posted on the website.  We hope you find it helpful for navigating the articles. We also have an alphabetic index.

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1997-07 Questions
1997-09 Gun laws “by the numbers and days
1997-10 Liability for injury by a gun sold without buyer’s permit


1998-03 More than 10 round magazine ban


1999-01 The Law: Recent FFL Stuff
1999-09 The Law: Q & A (permits, importing out of state firearms)


2000-02 How to legally sell a gun


2002-02 Post death disposition of firearms


2009-10 AR-15 and M-1 carbine magazines illegal
2009-11 Selling a handgun
2009-12 Selling a long gun


2010-01 Selling black powder firearms
2010-02 Air guns
2010-03 Non-registered long guns grandfathered?
2010-04 Illegal AR-15 parts
2010-05 Barrel Extensions
2010-06 Modified registered guns/ re-register
2010-07 Hawaii’s Castle Law
2010-08 Transporting firearms
2010-09 Removing parts to keep firearms safe
2010-10 HHAA tax Exemption, limitations
2010-11 Gun owner’s liability, crime committed w/ stolen gun
2010-12 Transporting ammunition


2011-01 Assault Pistols
2011-02 FBI fee for permit to acquire
2011-03 Range trip before HPD registration
2011-04 Firearms in commercial self-storage
2011-05 TRO and firearms
2011-06 Ammunition in the gun case
2011-07 Carrying gun registration papers while hunting
2011-08 Old guns without serial numbers
2011-09 GET license for gun show table holders
2011-10 Items marked “law enforcement only”
2011-11 Shipping Firearms to the mainland
2011-12 Shipping Firearms to neighbor Islands


2012-01 Shipping Firearms to yourself or for repairs
2012-02 Loaning a Firearm
2012-03 Firearms in a non-fixed place of business
2012-04 Firearms at a home away from home
2012-05 Selling a Firearm made before 1899
2012-06 Armor Piercing ammo
2012-07 Edged weapons
2012-08 Handguns
2012-09 Buying an unregistered long gun
2012-10 Personal firearms inventory
2012-11 Transfer of estate firearms
2012-12 Internet buy stolen gun claimed to be made before 1898


2013-01 Kokohead deed, not restricted to a hooting range
2013-02 Transporting firearms without a passenger vehicle
2013-03 Transporting a firearms without any vehicle
2013-04 Registered firearm can’t be unregistered
2013-05 Shipping handguns to mainland non-FFL to FFL
2013-06 Straw buyer
2013-07 Switch Blade knife?
2013-09 TROs
2013-10 District Ct TRO
2013-11 Days to reg a new hand gun at HPD
2013-12 Ruger Charger pistol illegal?


2014-01 Hi cap mags for law enforcement
2014-02 Shipping firearms non-FFL to out of state FFL revised


2015-02 Selling a long gun revisited
2015-05 Carrying a firearm without a permit
2015-06 Cartridge Conversion Cylinder in percussion revolver


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