What’s the Law: Loaning a firearm



TOPIC: Loaning a firearm

Question: Can I loan my rifle or shotgun to my friend? He wants to take it to the Range to shoot and evaluate whether he wants to buy it from me or one like it. How long can he keep it?

Answer: Yes, you can lend a long gun to an adult in Hawaii up to 15 days without a permit. You can also lend a long gun to an adult up to 75 days if it is to be used outside of Hawaii; e.g., if you lend your 30-06 bolt rifle to a friend for a deer hunting trip to Montana. However, the person you are lending the long gun to must be qualified to own a gun and must store and transport the firearm in accordance with Hawaii law. Note this does not apply to handguns. Handguns cannot be loaned. And, as far as liability is concerned, you would be well advised not to lend a long gun even if it is allowed under Chapter 134 HRS.

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