What’s the Law: Modification of my Registered Firearm

What’s the Law?

By Darryl Choy

Topic: Modification of My Registered Firearm

Question: I have a registered .223/5.56mm AR-15 rifle. I recently acquired an upper receiver in a different caliber. Must I re-register the rifle in the new caliber with the police department?

Answer: No. There is nothing in Chapter 134 HRS that requires re-registering firearms that have been re-chambered, re-barreled or changed to a different caliber.

Question: If I change the stock on my AR-type rifle from a fixed to a collapsible stock, must the rifle be re-registered?

Answer: No (same as above). Changing stocks, installing replacements, or additional parts do not require re-registration. However, if you changed the serial-numbered receiver, that part must be registered.

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