What’s the Law: Old guns without serial numbers



TOPIC: Old guns without serial numbers

Question: I recently bought an old inexpensive .22 bolt action rifle and a single shot break action shotgun. Neither have any factory serial numbers. How can I register these firearms?

Answer: There was a recent controversy with Maui County Police on Molokai. One of our members purchased a number of very old, pre-1994 long guns. When the firearms were taken to MPD, the clerk said they had to be confiscated and destroyed since they didn’t have factory serial numbers. The non-serial numbered long guns were finally released to the new owner after much “discussion” and when MPD was apprised of Sec. 134-3(b) HRS: If the firearm has no serial number, the permit number shall be entered in the space provided for the serial number, and the permit number shall be engraved upon the receiver portion of the firearm prior to registration.

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