What’s the Law: One-Time FBI Fee for Permit to Acquire



TOPIC: One-Time FBI Fee for Permit to Acquire

Question: The Maui County Police Department has been requiring people renewing their “permits to acquire” to pay the “one-time fee” again. One Maui resident who had an old permit but did not renew it for about 3 or 4 years had to pay this fee again. Another individual who moved from the City & County of Honolulu to Hawaii County did not have to pay this fee at renewal there; however, when he moved to Maui County he was again required to pay the FBI check fee. Is this proper?

Answer: Sec. 134-2(i) HRS states that no fee shall be charged for permits or applications except for a single fee for the FBI check for the first permit. This State law applies to all four counties and makes no mention of the time between permits. Without more information, it does appear that the Maui County Police Department is not following the law.

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