What’s the Law: Plastic Bag Ban and the Gun Show

What’s the Law: Plastic Bag Ban and the Gun Show

QUESTION: How does the plastic bag ban apply to Gun Show table holders?

ANSWER: The plastic bag ban imposed on businesses by City & County ordinance, ORD 12-8 amended by ORD 14-29, became effective July 1, 2015. The short answer is plastic bags are banned at the gun shows.

There are some fine points on whether nor not all gun show tables are businesses.
The City law 9.1 defines: “Business” means any commercial enterprise or establishment operating in the City and County of Honolulu, including an individual proprietorship, joint venture, partnership, corporation, limited liability company, or other legal entity, whether for profit or not for profit, and includes all employees of the business or any independent contractors associated with the business (bold added).

HHAA is a non-profit corporation, and the Gun Show is a business. As such, all independent contractors associated with the Gun Show business are also subject to the ban. This includes all table holders, whether or not businesses. The NBC has instructed HHAA that all Gun Show table holders are prohibited from placing items in plastic bags; this includes new or reused bags. However, the thicker 2.25 Mil bags are allowed under the Ordinance.

Keep in mind the ban applies to Gun Show table holders. Gun Show attendees are allowed to bring their own plastic bags.

It’s unpredictable when the “Opala” inspectors might show up at the Gun Show to enforce the ban. Regardless, the Gun Show must follow the law, and table holders at the October 2015 and future Gun Shows will be prohibited from using plastic bags. See <http://www.opala.org/solid_waste/archive/plastic_bag_ban.html> for more detail.

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