What’s the Law: Q&A


by D. CHOY

Originally published 8/1999

Q: A classified ad ran in the 21 June 1999 Star Bulletin four [sic] HK rifles. The ads stated “No permit need – PVT seller”. Is this legal?

A: No! All dealer and private transfers require:

  1. Possession of a valid permit to acquire by the buyer
  2. Buyer to register firearm with HPD within 5 days of acquisition
  3. Seller to notify HPD of the sell within 48 hours (See Section 134-2(a), 2(f) and 3(b)HRS).

These kinda of ads give gun owners a bad name

Q: I have a Mainland friend relocating to Oahu. He has a very large collection of firearms. What are Hawaii’s legal requirements?

A: All Firearms, modern or antique must be registered with HPD within 3 days after your friend or the guns arrive, whichever comes last. Physical inspection appears to be required by legal implication (SeeSection134-3(a).oo(c)HRS). You may want to try to arrange inspection at a different site instead of HPD. Suggest also the collection be thinned prior to move. Noteworthy is the laws that prohibit rifles with barrels under 16″, shotgun barrels less than 18″ barrels., assault pistols (see Section 134- HRS for criteria) and any pistol magazine that can fit a pistol which holds more than 10 rounds. Going to HPD for registration with these items (i.e.,high capaclty magazines, etc) is NOT Recommended.

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