What’s the Law: Range trip prior to HPD registration



TOPIC: Range trip prior to HPD registration

Question: I pick up my new firearm from my dealer late Friday afternoon and am not able to go back to HPD to get it registered to me. I am “itching” to take it to the Range. Do I have to wait until I have it registered in my name?

Answer: There is nothing in the law that requires your newly acquired firearm to be “house bound” until you get to HPD. If you take your gun to the Range, have your permit to acquire and dated sales receipt with you as a precaution. Again, you are restricted were you can travel with the gun: You can go to the Range, back to the dealer, your place of business if permitted, gun club meeting, gun show, and the police department. But don’t take it to your friend’s house for a private show and tell.

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