What’s the Law: Recent FFL Stuff


  1. 18 V.S.C 924(a)(6) (the Fed law) Youth Handgun Safety Act Via 27 CFR 178.103 (the Fed regs) effective 9-11~98 now requires all FFL dealers to:
    1. Provide a copy of ATF 15300.2 (7-98) “Youth Handgun Safety Act Notice” to all handgun buyers.
    2. Post a copy of ATF 5300.1 conspicuously at the licensee location (Suggestion that “I have received a copy of ATF 15300.2 (7-98)” be written just above the buyer’s signature on the yellow Form ATP 4473 to prove that a copy was given to the handgun buyer.)
  2. The National Instant Criminal Background heck System (NICS) effectjve 11-30-98 has no effect in Hawaii. The more restrictive Hawaii requirements is a legal alternative to NICS check. Regard­ less of NICS, Hawaii buyers must still comply with the 14 day hand­ gun and long gun waiting period for permits to acquire.

Have you noticed HPD’s made-up rule? “Must pick-up permits to acquire within 6 days when ready” was changed to 20 days. No Law, but at least HPD is a bit more reasonable this time.

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