What’s the Law: Removal of Parts to keep firearms safe



TOPIC: Removal of parts to keep firearms safe

Question: I have been advised for many years that I should remove and keep separate any magazines from my firearms and to remove the bolts, if possible, to keep my firearms safe and discourage people from stealing them. Does the law require this?

Answer: State law does not require the removal of any parts. However, State law does require all firearms be locked in a box or container if there is potential access by minors less than 16 years of age. (See section 134-10.5 HRS.)

The removal of bolts and magazines has proven not to deter the theft of firearms, but rather to incur the loss of such parts. It is common for the owner or new owner of a firearm to have to try to replace a missing bolt or magazine and just as common to find an unidentifiable magazine or bolt years later.

Lock your firearms in a safe. Don’t remove parts!

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