What’s the Law: Selling a handgun



TOPIC: Selling a Handgun

Question: I have a handgun for sale and got a buyer. What’s the procedure?

Answer: Your buyer must first apply for a police permit to acquire your handgun before you can turn over possession. Give the buyer the following information:

1. Your name, address, and phone number

2. The manufacture, model, caliber, barrel length, and type (semi-auto, single shot or revolver)

3. Also helpful would be your handgun registration information: the G-xxxxx and date of your registration. This helps HPD find your information.

Be sure to tell the buyer s/he has to have the handgun safety course affidavit or hunter safety certificate. With all this information, your buyer must go the HPD and apply for the permit to purchase your handgun and wait 14 days. When your buyer returns to you with the permit to acquire your handgun, check the serial number on the permit and your handgun to be sure they match. Fill out the back side of the permit and keep the pink form for your records. Your seller must have a gun case or factory box that completely encloses the handgun. Do not give the buyer any magazine that holds more than 10 rounds. Don’t forget to instruct your buyer to register the handgun at HPD within 5 days.

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