What’s the Law: Shipping firearms to the Mainland



TOPIC: Shipping firearms to the Mainland

Question: I want to thin my gun collection and hope to sell some firearms via Internet gun auctions. I do not have an FFL (Federal Firearms License). What are my limitations on shipping firearms to the Mainland?

Answer: As a non-FFL holder, you can ship a long gun interstate to a FFL holder via any carrier; i.e., non-FFL to FFL for long guns.  But as a non-FFL holder, you cannot ship a handgun interstate; handguns can only be shipped interstate FFL to FFL. In other words, if you sold a long gun on an internet auction, you can ship the long gun to the buyer’s FFL without going through a local FFL. But if you sold a handgun, it has to be shipped from a Hawaii FFL to the Mainland FFL.


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