What’s the Law: Shipping firearms to yourself or for repairs



TOPIC: Shipping firearms to yourself or for repairs

Question: As a non-FFL holder, can I ship my guns to myself if I move to Maui or to the mainland? How about sending my firearm out for repairs?

Answer: You can ship long guns and handguns to yourself inter- and intrastate. But if you are a non-FFL holder, you cannot ship a handgun via the U.S. Postal Service; you need to use UPS or FedEx or ship it with your household goods. If you’re moving to Maui, you can ship the guns to yourself and do not need to re- register the firearm. However, if you are moving to the mainland, you must follow all the laws of your new state and county which could require registration. Keep in mind that some firearms which are lawful in Hawaii may be illegal in other states (California is an example).

You are also allowed to send your firearm back to the factory or to a gunsmith for repairs/modification. The firearm can also be sent directly back to you. However, if the repairs include a change in the receiver; you must register it at HPD since it will have a different serial number.

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