What’s the Law: Transporting firearms without a passenger vehicle



TOPIC: Transporting firearms without a passenger vehicle

Question: How can a person who doesn’t own a passenger vehicle transport firearms? Can I take my cased handgun or long gun to the range on my motorcycle?

Answer: Hawaii law allows the transport of firearms to and from your home and the range. But the law is silent as to the means of transportation, and there is nothing limiting transportation to passenger vehicles. It would seem a motorcycle is allowed. As required, all firearms must be unloaded and fully encased; the ammunition, as well. To prevent public concern, handguns and ammo should be in a saddle bag. Even a long gun case should not be obviously for a firearm. Some have wisely suggested a small golf bag.

Note the law doesn’t say “transport.” It says, “lawful to carry unloaded firearms in an enclosed container from….”

Keep in mind, many police officers may not be aware of the transport law. You would be well advised to have a copy of your HPD firearms registration and a copy of Sec.134-23 to 27 HRS with you. If you are stopped, you will have all the information and the law for the police officer. Also important is transporting firearms only on days the range is open and during approximate range hours. And no stops for a food or shopping. Go straight to the range and back home.

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