What’s the Law: Transporting Firearms



TOPIC: Transporting Firearms

Question: I go to the Koko Head Range regularly and normally carpool with a friend. I pack up my vehicle and drive to my friend’s house. We occasionally stop for coffee and even at a gun shop on the way.

What’s the law on this?

Answer: All firearms transported must be unloaded and fully enclosed in a gun case. The ammunition must also be fully enclosed in a container. Enclosed containers are rigidly constructed receptacles or commercial gun cases.

You can legally transport unloaded firearms between: 1) your home, including changes of residence, 2) place of business, 3) place of repair, 4) target range, 5) licensed firearms dealer, 6) gun show or exhibition or training venue, 7) hunting area or 8) police station. Under the strict reading of sections 134-5, 23, 24, 25 and 27 HRS you cannot stop to pick up your shooting buddy or even for coffee. However, you could stop at a licensed gun shop on the way to the range. Improper transport of an unloaded long gun is a C felony; for a handgun, it is a B felony; and, for ammunition, it is a misdemeanor.

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