What’s the Law: Unregistered pre-1994 long guns



Topic: Non-registration long guns “grandfathered in”?

Question: I have a long gun that isn’t registered at HPD since I got it long before the July 1, 1994, registration law. Can’t I just sell or give it away without any papers?

Answer: This is a common myth that pre-registration guns (before July 1, 1994) are “grandfathered in,” and the new buyer need not take the firearm to HPD for registration. This is untrue. Section 134-2 HRS requires a person acquiring a long gun beginning July 1, 1994, to have a current long gun permit and to register the firearm at HPD within 5 days. There are no exceptions. Furthermore you, as the seller, must notify HPD of the transfer within 48 hours.

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